LORNE FILM 2019 is calling for submissions of independent Australian feature films. LORNE FILM 2019 is searching primarily for independently funded local gems that best represent the Lorne Film charter: AUSTRALIAN. INDEPENDENT.

By 'independent' LORNE FILM 2019 will be giving preference (though not excluding) feature films that have received minimal or no production funding from government sources. Those feature films yet to secure distribution deals will also be given preference - although once again, this does not preclude those films that have secured a distributor.

Ultimately, LORNE FILM 2019 seeks to create an exciting, vibrant program that represents the spirit of adventure, innovation and distinctive storytelling that have been the hallmark of Australian film since the beginning.



LORNE FILM 2019 will see the return of the hugely successful LORNE SHORTS initiative.

LORNE FILM 2019 is calling for submissions from short filmmakers across Australia, for short films with a duration of 20 minutes or less.

Previous winners of LORNE SHORTS have included BUNNY NEW GIRL (writer/director Natalie Van Den Dungen), and CAKE (writer/director Jacintho Muinos). 

Entrants to LORNE SHORTS 2019 will compete for prizes generously supplied by established industry entities - allowing filmmakers to progress their careers through building industry contacts. The LORNE SHORTS 2019 FINAL will screen at the sumptuous Cumberland Resort Auditorium.

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